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Why is Computer ID protection important?

Did you know you're exposing yourself on the network even if using VPN. It is possible to find out who you are by looking at your Hostname, Computer name or MAC address by those on the web or local network.

If you're for example using torrents it is possible to see your Computer ID. If someone really wants to find out who you are, they can by creating a simple algorithm to track your Computer ID
patterns in torrent networks. Same method can be applied to all types of networks.

WiFi WPA/WPA2 is not secure. With today's technology going so fast, WiFi security methods are not safe anymore. The only thing someone has to do in order to get your WPA/WPA2 password is to spoof your MAC address. Which means to copy your unique signature to their own computer, and by doing so trick your WPA/WPA2 security into thinking the attacker is using the same computer as you. The attacker only then have to wait until you log off and log on to find out what your WPA/WPA2 key is.

VPNCheck Pro can change your MAC address automatically but also Hostname and Computer name. Making it a lot harder if not impossible for WiFi attackers to find your password.

This also applies for all the Computer ID sniffer algorithms on networks.


To protect yourself against simple cracking methods on WiFi networks then use at least 62 random characters and special symbols for password.

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