VPNCheck Pro update!

Finally a new update which has major improvements especially when it comes to DNS leak fix. Delay for DNS leak fix when starting Windows has now been removed.

  • Fixed rare issue with registry key.
  • Balloon tip for enable/disable check for updates.
  • Fixed issue DNS leak fix with Windows XP.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Cryptocloud.
  • Fixed glitch when manually changing Computer name.
  • Fixed Minor bug with Config window.
  • Fixed bug which closed openvpn-gui after connection.
  • Modified auto-update feature.
  • Adjusted openvpn login sequence.
  • Minor aestetic changes to Config window.
  • New option added: Reset ID for Computer ID.
  • DNS leak fix reset during boot of Windows is now instant.

Surf on and stay safe!

VPNCheck Pro


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