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Another update and another new year full of surprises trying to invade our privacy.

  • Added: Block of programs instead of only closing once.
  • Added: Notification when a program has been blocked.
  • Added: Updates after this version will copy the config info to newer versions.
  • Fixed: Modified network disconnection and reconnection algorithm for better compatibility.
  • Fixed: Notification when VPN was offline not showing correctly while using Cycle IP:Network.

VPNCheck Pro

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VPNCheck Pro Update!

VPNCheck Pro

  • Adjusted login process for openvpn-gui for better stability.
  • Fixed issue with filenames for .ovpn files sometimes could create –lead error.
  • Updated openvpn-gui and config filepath permissons to be more flexible.
  • Tweaked DNS Reset.

VPNCheck Pro Trial Setup

Previous version:

VPNCheck Pro Trial Setup

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VPNCheck Pro update with DNS leak fix!

VPNCheck Pro

A fix for a major security risk called DNS leak for those using any type of VPN, has now been added to VPNCheck Pro.

  • Option to close OpenVPN GUI has been added.
  • DNS Leak fix added.

If you’re not aware of what a DNS leak is, then you can find more info here.

There are several DNS leak fixes floating around the web, and during testing it was noticed that they are unreliable if used with OpenVPN on Windows Vista and 7. They are unreliable because if you restart or shutdown computer OpenVPN will fail to connect properly when you to start Windows again with OpenVPN.

So if you don’t run the correct commands and wait for sometime before connecting to OpenVPN after restart or shutdown, the OpenVPN will show itself as connected but in reality it isn’t. And thus would trick the user into thinking he or she is protected. To me this is alarming due to the fact how popular OpenVPN is, and how many users use DNS leak fixes they find on the web. The DNS leak fix for VPNCheck Pro has been heavily tested to prevent this from happening.


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VPNCheck Pro & VPNCheck Updates!

VPNCheck Pro

  • If OpenVPN config was wrong a freeze could occur even after restarting VPNCheck Pro and is now fixed.
  • After OpenVPN connection has been established openvpn-gui is closed to free up memory.
  • Fixed issue where OpenVPN wouldn’t disconnect properly if network crashed.

For those who prefer to have openvpn-gui running you can download old version here.


  • Auto-update paths have been corrected and should now work properly.

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New update, VPNCheck Pro!

Changes in this update are:

  • Improved GUI for Change ID area a bit so it’s easier to understand.
  • Fixed possible error for MAC address retrieval of info and change.
  • Manual option to change MAC address is removed and replaced with automatic.
  • Fixed error when several network cards with same names were detected.

Thanks for using VPNCheck Pro and surf safe!


VPNCheck Pro Update

  • Fixed Cycle IP:Network delay issue when starting and connecting to OpenVPN.

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Minor update to VPNCheck

  • Optimized code in general
  • Adjustment to OpenVPN auto login feature.

Just a little hint, VPNCheck Pro discount will end at start of April. Surf safe!

5/5 Excellence award given by Soft82.com and safety guarantee

We appreciate that Soft82.com gave VPNCheck Pro an award, more so due to the fact they are one of the highest ranked and popular software portals on the web.

To prove all the products released by Guavi.com is clean and safe, you can now by going to the download page get results from scans by the popular antivirus scanners Kaspersky and NOD32.

Thanks goes to everyone who choose to use VPNCheck. Surf on:)