VPNCheck Pro update!

Major update overall with new features and also an important fix for the auto-update which lately gave an error while trying to connect to the server since the webhost made new implementations.

This update is a big overhaul to many core functionalities since it provides even more encryption and improvements to the way login is handled. A feature which has been requested for some time now has been added namely VPN detection for VPN in routers. The most significant update would be how VPNCheck Pro is now able to automatically verify connection stability while using DNS leak fix, and repair it if instability occurs. Another new important feature is that the user is now able to use two static and customizable DNS addresses.

  • Added: Log file created if VPN disconnect in administrator mode.
  • Added: Improved encryption for login credentials.
  • Added: VPN detection for VPN in router.
  • Added: Connection stability verification for DNS leak fix.
  • Added: Several customizable static DNS addresses.
  • Fixed: DNS leak fix issue if minimize on close.
  • Fixed: Installer issue with Windows 8.
  • Fixed: Network adapter and Computer ID lookup, better iteration scan.
  • Fixed: Auto-update error when trying to connect with server.
  • Adjusted: Synchronization with router during login.
  • Adjusted: Notify window is shown and closed faster.
  • Adjusted: Faster VPN login detection.

Download update here:

VPNCheck Pro


Happy surfing and stay secure!

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