VPNCheck Pro update with DNS leak fix!

VPNCheck Pro

A fix for a major security risk called DNS leak for those using any type of VPN, has now been added to VPNCheck Pro.

  • Option to close OpenVPN GUI has been added.
  • DNS Leak fix added.

If you’re not aware of what a DNS leak is, then you can find more info here.

There are several DNS leak fixes floating around the web, and during testing it was noticed that they are unreliable if used with OpenVPN on Windows Vista and 7. They are unreliable because if you restart or shutdown computer OpenVPN will fail to connect properly when you to start Windows again with OpenVPN.

So if you don’t run the correct commands and wait for sometime before connecting to OpenVPN after restart or shutdown, the OpenVPN will show itself as connected but in reality it isn’t. And thus would trick the user into thinking he or she is protected. To me this is alarming due to the fact how popular OpenVPN is, and how many users use DNS leak fixes they find on the web. The DNS leak fix for VPNCheck Pro has been heavily tested to prevent this from happening.


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