VPNCheck Pro 1.6!

Been awhile since the last update. But here comes significant changes.

Wireguard VPN detection has been added. Primarily tested with the Tunsafe Wireguard client. Complete overhaul of the router detection method. Added individual selections of the Computer ID options. Added direct login to OpenVPN as alternative.

  • Added: Wireguard VPN detection.
  • Added: Router VPN detection overhaul.
  • Added: Tick boxes for each Computer ID parameter.
  • Added: OpenVPN direct login.

Download update here:

VPNCheck Pro 1.6

Stay Safe !

VPNCheck Pro OS X High Sierra Update!

VPNCheck Pro OSX 0.5 Beta

Some issues which failed to make VPNCheck Pro start with OS X High Sierra has been fixed. The OS X version is stable and should be expected for full release shortly.




VPNCheck Pro for Linux released!

VPNCheck Pro Linux 0.8.

It has been tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and requires MonoFramework 4.5+.

The beta version 0.8 offers functionality with MAC address and hostname changer. DNS leak fix also included. OpenVPN and PPTP VPN detection for starting and closing applications.


VPNCheck Pro Linux

Happy safe surfing!




VPNCheck Pro for Mac OSX released!

Early beta for VPNCheck Pro OSX is now released. Tested on Maverick and Yosemite. It requires Mono framework.


VPNCheck Pro OSX





VPNCheck Pro!

Additional detection method for Router VPN, and it is now possible to manually select the network adapter for DNS leak fix.

  • Fixed: Reset ID issue.
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes for router VPN detection.
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues for Windows 10 and the installer.
  • Added: Router VPN, more control over IP selections.
  • Added: Alternative method for Router VPN detection.
  • Added: Notification messages for Computer ID if not using admin rights.
  • Added: DNS leak fix selectable network adapters.

Download update here:

VPNCheck Pro


Surf safe as always!




VPNCheck Pro!

Two major improvements in this update. DNS leak fix is now more stable with various network environments. Alternative login button for third-party VPN programs has been added.

  • Added: Custom VPN login mode for third party OpenVPN software.
  • Modified: Faster login to OpenVPN while using DNS leak fix during startup.
  • Modified: Changed RAS login text to PPTP/L2TP.
  • Modified: Improved saving for login credentials.
  • Fixed: Better network compatibility while using DNS leak fix.
  • Fixed: OpenVPN issue messagebox which could be redundant.

Download update here:

VPNCheck Pro


Stay secure and safe, happy christmas!





VPNCheck Pro update!

Major update overall with new features and also an important fix for the auto-update which lately gave an error while trying to connect to the server since the webhost made new implementations.

This update is a big overhaul to many core functionalities since it provides even more encryption and improvements to the way login is handled. A feature which has been requested for some time now has been added namely VPN detection for VPN in routers. The most significant update would be how VPNCheck Pro is now able to automatically verify connection stability while using DNS leak fix, and repair it if instability occurs. Another new important feature is that the user is now able to use two static and customizable DNS addresses.

  • Added: Log file created if VPN disconnect in administrator mode.
  • Added: Improved encryption for login credentials.
  • Added: VPN detection for VPN in router.
  • Added: Connection stability verification for DNS leak fix.
  • Added: Several customizable static DNS addresses.
  • Fixed: DNS leak fix issue if minimize on close.
  • Fixed: Installer issue with Windows 8.
  • Fixed: Network adapter and Computer ID lookup, better iteration scan.
  • Fixed: Auto-update error when trying to connect with server.
  • Adjusted: Synchronization with router during login.
  • Adjusted: Notify window is shown and closed faster.
  • Adjusted: Faster VPN login detection.

Download update here:

VPNCheck Pro


Happy surfing and stay secure!

VPNCheck Pro News

Soon a new update for VPNCheck Pro will be released. However you can download a development version which essentially will be the new update but might contain some bugs still. It changes a lot of things for example a sync issue with router which before you had to manually reset DNS leak fix now it will fix itself automatically. Also increased security measures with more encryptions for login credentials and much more.

Link: http://guavi.com/files/vpncheckpro-devbuild.rar

You can also try an alternative version of VPNCheck Pro which connects directly to OpenVPN instead of depending on the standard OpenVPN GUI from OpenVPN.net.

Link: http://guavi.com/files/vpncheckpro-newovpn.rar


Stay safe and happy surfing!



VPNCheck Pro!

Few crucial fixes in this update mainly for DNS leak fix which has to do with rare synchronization issues with the router, and added support for the new OpenVPN GUI 2.3.1.

  • Optimized the code.
  • Adjusted: DNS leak fix for better compatibility.
  • Added: Click-through for the VPN is offline notification window.
  • Added: Better error handling for auto-update if it cannot find the current version.
  • Fixed: Now connecting faster to VPN during startup of VPNCheck Pro.
  • Fixed: The new OpenVPN GUI 2.3.1 should now work for those using non-English Windows OS.
Added on April 28th, 2013.
  • Fixed: DNS leak fix generating connection error upon start-up of Windows if using Force Logoff in Windows.

Enjoy the surfing!

Update: VPNCheck Pro

VPNCheck Pro update!

Finally a new update which has major improvements especially when it comes to DNS leak fix. Delay for DNS leak fix when starting Windows has now been removed.

  • Fixed rare issue with registry key.
  • Balloon tip for enable/disable check for updates.
  • Fixed issue DNS leak fix with Windows XP.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Cryptocloud.
  • Fixed glitch when manually changing Computer name.
  • Fixed Minor bug with Config window.
  • Fixed bug which closed openvpn-gui after connection.
  • Modified auto-update feature.
  • Adjusted openvpn login sequence.
  • Minor aestetic changes to Config window.
  • New option added: Reset ID for Computer ID.
  • DNS leak fix reset during boot of Windows is now instant.

Surf on and stay safe!

VPNCheck Pro